Grace Family Gathering

Grace Family begins at 6:00 pm on Wednesday nights with a free family style meal. We then break into various classes at 6:30 for the different age groups that attend where we focus on building up and enriching each other's lives in discipleship.

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Grace Men

Grace Men is our men's ministry group that meets to equip and train men to be better leaders in their homes and in their community. We know that this can only be done by applying the principles found in the Bible to our daily lives. This year we will walk through the "Sermon on the Mount," discussing how Jesus' teachings actually impact our lives today.

As Sisters

"As Sisters" are women that meet every Wednesday night at Grace for Bible study, practical lessons, and fellowship! We want to help women of all ages and walks of life to meet their full potential in Christ. Our goals are to disciple, support, and enrich the lives of the women that attend our group so that they can then go out into the world as servants for Christ.

Grace Student Ministries

GSM gives Jr. High and High School age students a chance to connect with God in a setting designed specifically for them. Our time together is filled with fun and laughter but also strong training in discipleship. This training allows our students to grow deeper in their faith and learn how to be a light in Waynesboro.

Grace Kidz

Grace Kidz gives our youngest attenders the chance to learn the stories from the Bible in fun and exciting ways. With crafts, games, and stories, our teachers spend time showing the Kidz the truths of the Bible.